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Photo is from Ralf Schmode
Animal Photography
Used with permission

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Looking for really nice Background sets, Outlook Email Stationery with a softer touch, Snow globes, Calling Cards and beautiful Applets? You are at the right place. I have a large variety of background sets, email stationery and gifts for guestbook. My link ware has graphics from Artist of the past and today, Country (Mouse drawn), Misc. florals, animals.
Such artist as Penny Parker, Ericka Baque, Jonathon Bowser, Beverley Lu, Pameline, Rusty Rust, with Art Deco, Endangered Species, Animal backgrounds, Dog, Cat, Children Sets, Country Sets and more. A unique selection, purchase ware, as well as small web page design.

My personal site "MEMORIES" have such things as
Light Houses and Light house info.
Florida Plantation of the past info.
Poets bios and Poems.
Cute Country Adoptions.
Applets and more

My personal site "MY APPLET PAGES" site have
Beautiful Applets (Snow, lake, Pool and more)
Breast Cancer info.

My "OUTLOOK STATIONERY" site has a large variety of email stationery.
Penny Parker
House Mouse
Precious Moments
Animals and Endangered/Threaten Species
Top and Side Borders

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